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Who let the dogs out?

03:27 <Skyblayde> I fucked up. I tried to be a Dragon amongst Dragons. I get it, i'm not. All I ask now is permission to idle as is the #suidrewt way and only speak when spoken to, and learn from you all in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> I will ride on my own credibility in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> and attempt to build/establish myself with good deeds.
Set by: matt



phix: 2774
bubbles: 1194
nokio: 1180
argonator: 657
matt: 251
syrius: 250
sloat: 250
syrius_: 241
bryno: 239
squirmy: 235


phix: 5836
nokio: 1542
argonator: 696

liek.net on Thu Dec 19 16:29:37 2002 by matt
I am currently rewriting a lot of the code to mnews, so if you notice wierd sutff going on, things not working, please ignore it. If you do notice any bugs please tell me on irc, or leave a message here.

Updates complete on Fri Dec 20 00:42:18 2002 by matt
Welp, the rewrite of the source is complete, everything SHOULD be working fine right now.

Added stuff:
The site will regonize you from any subdomain on liek.net instead of www.liek.net only if you relogin.

If you find any bugs, please tell me on irc.

Poll on Sun Dec 22 11:04:40 2002 by matt
The poll now shows results in percentages, so it should always add up roughly to 100%.