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Who let the dogs out?

03:27 <Skyblayde> I fucked up. I tried to be a Dragon amongst Dragons. I get it, i'm not. All I ask now is permission to idle as is the #suidrewt way and only speak when spoken to, and learn from you all in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> I will ride on my own credibility in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> and attempt to build/establish myself with good deeds.
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. on Tue Oct 21 01:34:38 2003 by matt
Chiefmojo would like to announce the creation of the 'I hate Death, Steve, and vcv fan club'. He is currently accepting members.

2nd member on Wed Oct 22 03:34:59 2003 by skelm
what he said

Joining! on Wed Oct 22 17:13:02 2003 by Death
I'd like to join!!! hey...waita minute!

hrmmm on Wed Oct 22 17:16:50 2003 by ewok
this sounds like fun. do we get news letters?

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on Sun Oct 26 21:34:59 2003 by MKR
I'd like to join as well. Are there any membership fees, or is hatred enough?

ME ME ME on Wed Oct 29 17:58:11 2003 by kickmyflip
I want to be added to the hate list. I have always dreamed of being hated by the world. It's just this big fantasy of mine.

fuck mojo on Wed Nov 5 18:15:56 2003 by Prizym
that nigger jew